What is ALLenergi

We work with the enlightenment of our authentic Self and the possibility to bring forth the profound power and great potential we carry around but rarely use in full. We focus on the interaction between Body, Soul, and Spirit outside the frames of religion and how to live our lives in a more trustworthy and peaceful way with the help of sufficient and adequate tools given. Nobody should feel the urge to lean on somebody else in order to enjoy the pulsating life! This is the vital part of how to continue on our path ahead in order to walk your own unique way-to dare to F E E L what is important to yourself and to have the willingness and urge to support it in a positive way. How do you let go of anguish and worry? Why are we really here – what is the purpose of life? What can I do to free myself from the old and find a greater freedom in this very moment? Why do I let other people and patterns lead my life instead of taking charge of my own destiny? To whom am I faithful?


WHAT WE MAY HELP YOU WITHWe will show you where you do not clear a path and where you harbor too long. We will also raise your consciousness to a point, where you will have the strength to deal with most of the problems you have right now, but will not decide your future way of living. It is also possible for us to pre-position you by loving you for who you are – that means not to alarm you in your own worry for the future, but rather ‘force’ you to take care of the remains in the form of worthlessness and alienation by discarding other times and concentrating on the Now. The reactions to this are your own responsibility and demand your inner man. Without that power an abandonment is created, which in turn forces you to bring home the old powerlessness and let it free – the inner power will then increase and you have brought back your world, your worthiness!


We neither have the power to be you nor do your work – that is a power only you yourself possess! Nor do we have the power to make you conscious of something you do not have the strength to take care of, which is where the victim part of you often appears, blaming the surroundings - unless you ‘hear’ the truth within and realize, that there is still a problem with the access to yourself. If you start an argument, you have lost yourself and you are fighting a battle of survival. This is where we leave you in all humbleness. When you are finished with the worrying in your loneliness and choose to be close to your worthlessness within, you open up for the next step. Thus you have the guts to see beyond your own illusions by expanding your frame of reference – and there we are if you wish to have our help to raise above the old times and change your position to a wider and more prosperous world!


This is a small part of our Allenergi developmental work. Every meeting is unique and meant to be, and focuses on the active process within each of the participants forming the group as well as on the group dynamic, supporting each and everyone. The information given through our psychic power, is specifically linked to the group members participating and is given from that particular inner dimension, where the wisdom of who we are now, where we have been, and what we are destined to become, is complete. We support what is activated in each and everyone at the time of the meeting and deal with it up front also giving the energetic support, allowing a worthier strength to take care of oneself and uphold the responsibility of one’s own life. This will give the participants the opportunity to find themselves closer to who they truly are! Do you dare to meet your various aspects within? It is your choice!


“Do not ask yourself: who shall give you what you need or want – rather pose the question: what can I do to fill that void of yearning? The answer to this question is the source of life!”

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